Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017, the Swidget modular smart outlet and inserts are now available for retail purchase.

The main Swidget outlet is designed with an empty center cavity between two electrical sockets, which users can customize with any of the system’s snap-in Insert modules. Three of the Swidget’s inserts are available at launch: the Wi-Fi Control, Z-Wave Control and USB Charger.

The Wi-Fi and Z-Wave control modules allow users to control the outlet connection via smart device, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Z-Wave hubs like SmartThings and Vera. The Open USB charger module adds a USB charging port in the center of the socket.

A series of four new inserts will be available in May 2019: a Wi-fi enabled power out/emergency light , Wi-Fi night light, and Z-Wave enabled power/out emergency light and night light. A motion sensor, built-in Alexa or Google Assistant hub, HD video camera, aromatherapy module, and white noise/Bluetooth speaker are coming soon.

Because new modules may be developed for the Swidget over time, Swidget considers its product a “future-proof” smart outlet.

“We recognized a need for an adaptable smart home device that adds functionality, eliminates clutter, and is easily upgradeable whenever the user desires or the technology warrants it. Our team of engineers developed a one-of-a-kind, modular product that simplifies everyday lives and acclimates to ever-changing lifestyles, while always being prepared for the next evolution of smart home technology,” says Lowell Misener, co-founder of Swidget. “Since introducing Swidget to the world, we have worked tirelessly to refine and provide value to every Insert that is created. We are thrilled to announce that anyone can now experience the power of Swidget in their home or office.”

The outlet includes all of the necessary equipment for installation, and may be built into a new home or connected to existing wiring. The main outlet is available at $39.99 suggested retail, and the modular inserts start at $5.99. Pricing for inserts will vary depending on connections and function.