Following an extensive testing process, Sky-Frame has introduced a new series of sliding glass doors and windows certified to some of the world’s highest hurricane resistance standards.

The Sky-Frame Hurricane doors and windows have fulfilled Miami-Dade County requirements for extreme weather and impact resistance, and comply with High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) criteria as outlined in the Florida Building Code. The panels are permitted for design pressures up to 75 psf, and have passed water resistance testing up to 22 psf – the highest level on the market, according to the manufacturer.

“These tests have been extremely valuable in furthering our expertise and will allow us to offer our customers in hurricane regions sophisticated architectural options,” says Beat Guhl, CEO and owner of Sky-Frame. “We have set very ambitious goals to break into new dimensions that, to date, have not been available.”

At 91 inches wide and 138 inches high, the Sky-Frame Hurricane panels are among the largest hurricane-rated sliding doors in the world, according to the manufacturer. Its 1 1/8-inch sight lines allow for architectural versatility and uninterrupted views.

The doors may be motorized or manually operated, and Sky-Frame’s multi-track setups allow for an unlimited number of sliding doors and windows near each other.