Toilets are the ever-important, but oft-ignored, bathroom piece, writes REMODELING's Marisa Mendez. In addition to their obvious function, they can provide homeowners with a greener, more stylish home.

But beyond style and function, what are the latest trends in the loo? Here, Mendez talks with Kevin McJoynt, Gerber’s vice president of marketing, and James Walsh, vice president of chinaware and commercial products at American Standard, for details.

Kevin McJoynt: Everyone likes clean bathrooms, of course, [and] clean has become a driver in toilet design. Concealed trapway (CT) toilets and one-piece configurations are both popular right now. Concealed trapways provide a fully skirted look to the base of the toilet, giving it a smoother and cleaner look while also being easier to clean. One-piece toilets have similar benefits. The tank and bowl are constructed as one complete piece, eliminating the seams or gaps that typically exist between the tank and the bowl. Again, it adds a higher design element and is easier to clean. And finally, there are models that have both one-piece construction and a concealed trapway.

James Walsh: I think what we refer to as “right height,” which is the higher bowl height, is popular. Sometimes it’ll be referred to as ADA height or chair height. It’s 16.5 inches, roughly, and once you add a seat, it brings it to the 17-inch threshold that meets the ADA requirement. This height makes it easier to get on and off the toilet itself. We’re also seeing more elongated bowls and a trend toward cleanability of the toilet itself.

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