TOTO has added a new WASHLET+ bidet toilet seat, the WASHLET+ SW, designed to pair with the the manufacturer’s SP Wall-Hung Toilet.

The WASHLET+ SW’s rectangular shape is inspired by the motion of a wave. Taken together, the SP WASHLET+ SW Wall-Hung Toilet offers a clean, modern design aesthetic for buyers, as well as 9 inches of additional floor space. The features connect seamlessly, with no exposed supply connections, and the seat detaches easily for cleaning.

The bidet seat includes the same technologies and features as its rounded counterpart, the WASHLET+ RW: a a gentle warm-aerated dual-action water spray, adjustable temperature and pressure, pulsating and oscillating features, a warm air dryer and heated seat, an auto flush and auto open/close, and in-bowl catalytic deodorizer. The auto-flush, provided alongside a manual push plate, activates when the user rises and walks away, with no need to wave a hand in front of a sensor.

The toilet’s DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH system uses only 1.28 gallons of water in the full flush cycle and 0.9 gpf in the light flush cycle, and utilizes a cyclonic rinsing action to reduce waste buildup and improve the bowl’s cleanliness.

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