Busy families will welcome Sterling’s ComforTrack Technology – a flexible bottom track that bends to applied pressure, allowing the user to kneel, sit, or lean across the track.

It's important to design bathrooms that accommodate the wide range of needs that exist in the home, says master plumber and Kohler's how-to expert Ed Del Grande. Because the foam track eliminates a metal bottom frame, it may make day-to-day activities more comfortable. “Regardless of whether they're leaning against the tub while bathing a little one or the family's pet, or simply avoiding bumping shins on clunky metal frames, the cushioned track benefits every member in the family by providing an increased level of comfort,” says Del Grande.

Sterling's Prevail Doors featuring ComforTrack technology start at $280 for the bath door model, and $295 for the shower door versions. A variety of styles of coordinating doors in the Prevail series are available.