With so many options to choose from, selecting new bathroom fixtures can be daunting. It’s not always easy to tell ahead of time which basin and faucet combinations will best complement each other. Grohe’s new BestMatch online tool removes the guesswork from the equation by letting users mix and match different sink and faucet pairings, taking design and performance considerations into account to determine the optimum combination.

The "configurator" is designed to ensure aesthetic appeal, maximum comfort, and ideal water flow. To determine the best matches, Grohe tested over 3,000 combinations from various faucet lines on different washbasin lines in the Grohe Lab.

“The tests were designed to establish the amount of splashing when the faucet is opened and during hand washing, the amount of space remaining between the spout and the basin, as well as the visual coherence of a combination,” the company says.

When using the tool, which is accessible via web browser or as a mobile app, users can begin by choosing a faucet or a sink. Then, users apply filters such as product style, product type, and installation type. Once “best matches” are displayed, results can be further sorted by price range, line, and size, among other options.

Though each combination is ranked from 1-3 on design, comfort, and water delivery, only those that met Grohe’s testing standards will appear at all. When viewing a particular match, users can then save their choice or post it to Pinterest or Facebook. By allowing buyers to visualize pairings they can't find anywhere else, BestMatch helps create the perfect custom sink and faucet combination.

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