ARCHITECT's Katharine Keane reports that architects and designers have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns over the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposed Signification New Use Rule (SNUR) that would allow manufacturers and importers to seek the agency's approval to reintroduce asbestos into their manufacturing or processing of certain products. Fearful of what this policy could mean for the building industry, AIA members called on their Institute to respond. Today, AIA 2018 president Carl Elefante, FAIA, released a statement.

“The AIA strongly opposes the EPA’s proposed rule," he said in a press release. "Asbestos can cause significant and irreversible risks—including cancer, mesothelioma and other diseases—to those who come into direct contact with friable and airborne asbestos fibers. This is especially concerning for contractors, builders, architects, and homeowners who could be exposed to dislodged asbestos fibers during the demolition and building process if they are unaware of its presence."

According to the same release, the AIA will be submitting formal comments in opposition to the SNUR, which is open for public comment until tomorrow (Aug. 10).

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