david webber, aia
austin, texas

kit of parts

Kohler’s Stages kitchen sink line is the new hot thing, says Webber, who appreciates the products’ practicality and versatility. Measuring 45 inches wide and almost 10 inches deep, the sink is made from 16-gauge stainless steel and comes with a variety of options and accessories. “The integral drainboard is something we are finding nearly all clients want,” the architect says. Kohler, 800.456.4537; www.kohler.com.

nut case

Webber has a warm spot for pecan wood. “Our work is mainly modern, but we find that pecan is one of the woods that can work in almost any setting,” the architect says. Part of the hickory family, pecan is tough and resilient, the Hardwood Information Center says. It “brings some of the warmth and elegance of walnut but maintains a relaxed air,” Webber adds. The firm used it on the Fairfield House. Hardwood Information Center, 412.244.0440; www.hardwoodinfo.com.

great grab

“We never get tired of good hardware that has a great quality, a great design, and reliably reasonable cost,” Webber says. For that he turns to Baldwin Hardware’s Lakeshore because it has the ability to go in traditional or minimal settings. The product is made from solid forged brass and comes in various finishes. It can be installed on wood, metal, and some fiberglass doors. Baldwin Hardware, 800.566.1986; www.baldwinhardware.com.

flue season

When Webber wants a hearth product that’s bold and dramatic, he chooses the Heterofocus from Focus Fireplaces. It’s custom made in France from raw steel with visible welding seams. The wood-burning product measures about 55 inches wide, functions with its door open or closed, and operates with 78.6 percent efficiency, the company says. Webber used the product in the Tarrytown House. Focus Fireplaces, 33 (0)4 67 55 01 93; www.focus-creation.com.

other favorites

Polygal; www.polygal-northamerica.com

Schneider; www.schneider-electric.com

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