The Samsung WF6300 front-load washer and matching DV6300 dryer, shown here in Champagne Stainless Steel.
Samsung The Samsung WF6300 front-load washer and matching DV6300 dryer, shown here in Champagne Stainless Steel.

Four new Samsung washer and dryer sets are now available for purchase, including two front-loading and two top-loading washers and dryer models.

Each of the laundry sets has been fully-redesigned for 2019, with a focus on complementing interior design trends. The new Champagne Stainless Steel appliance finish, available on the front-load washer and dryer, is recommended for use in modern laundry spaces with natural wood finishes, tile patterns, or thick-grained marble or granite.

The new front-load design (6300 and 6100) offers a slimmer control panel than previous models, as well as a 2.7-inch narrower depth. The top-load line (5400 and 5200) features a built-in faucet for pre-treating clothing and a lifted tub for easy loading and unloading.

“Our leadership in home appliance is driven by design and technology that inspires and enables new ways of caring for our families and enjoying our homes,” said John Herrington, senior vice president and general manager, Home Appliance, at Samsung Electronics America. “Our new laundry products bring new technology, outstanding performance and design that enables an exciting new laundry space in the home.”

All of the new washers offer increased capacity over previous models, and the new Super Speed cycle, available for the WF6300 and WA5400, enables laundry cycles as short as 30 minutes for an 8 lb. load. The DV6300 and DV5400 dryers also offer a steam-clean function, which remove static and wrinkles inside the dryer.

The Samsung WF6300 front-load washer and DV6300 front-load dryer are Wi-Fi enabled, providing end-of-cycle notifications, remote start functions, and cycle recommendations on Bixby-enabled devices, including smartphones, Samsung TVs or a Family Hub refrigerator.

Pricing for the new washer and dryer series starts at $799. The front-load 6300 series is available in Champagne, Black Stainless Steel and White, while the 6100 series is available in Champagne and White. The top-load 5400 series is available in Black Stainless Steel and White, and the 5200 series is available in White.

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