Fantech’s newest dryer exhaust duct power ventilator, the DEDPV-705, is designed specifically to minimize lint buildup in dryer duct systems, particularly in longer duct runs.

The DEDPV-705’s exhaust velocity is made to keep lint inside the flow of air as it moves to the outside, minimizing the risk of lint buildup or ignition in the duct system. It also continues to operate for some time after the dryer stops, which cools clothes, removes humid air, and reduces the risk of spontaneous combustion.

The fan’s visual panel provides operation status updates for homeowners, including warnings about potential problems such as a locked rotor or duct blockage. This allows the user to seek service or clean the exhaust duct before major issues occur.

“Even if dryer screens are cleaned after each use, flammable lint still can make its way out of the appliance and into the ductwork, where it builds up,” says Ivan Daza, fans product manager at Fantech. “About 27% of home dryer fires are caused by an accumulation of lint, which means that not cleaning out your dryer vent can set you up for a dangerous situation that is far more serious than the drop in performance caused by constricting a dryer’s ductwork.”

The DEDPV-705 is listed to UL-705 for both gas and electric dryer applications. It is designed for safe operation with extra-long dryer exhaust duct runs, which are often used in homes where laundry is located far away from exterior walls. The exhaust fan requires the installation of a secondary lint trap in addition to the lint screen; builders and remodelers should educate customers on regular maintenance of the secondary lint trap and dryer lint screen.

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