Record-high heat continues to pummel areas across the country. From ventilation innovation to heat-blocking technologies, these home products can help to combat the temperatures and lessen energy usage on overloaded power grids.

Solatube International

Engineered Performance Series Whole House Fan
To reduce HVAC-related costs and cool indoor spaces with fresh air, Solatube International has introduced its new Engineered Performance Series Whole House Fan. The whisper-quiet fan pulls in cooler outside air through a home’s windows while expelling hot, stagnant air from the attic and vents. With the ability to reduce temperatures by as much as 30 degrees, the fan is equipped with seven variable-speed options and is available in four combinable models to cool any size house.

Hunter Douglas

Duette Honeycomb Shades
From the energy-efficiency and automation teams at Hunter Douglas, Duette Honeycomb Shades’ cellular design can reduce unwanted solar heat through windows up to 60% and total solar gain up to 20% when installed tightly. The energy-efficient AERC-rated shades feature a honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design that traps air in distinct pockets to insulate incoming solar heat to keep houses cooler. The shades are available in over 150 fabrics and color choices and are compatible with the manufacturer’s PowerView Automation smart shade control.


Adding high-performance fiberglass building insulation to an attic can greatly reduce excess heat and the building’s energy consumption. Made with recycled content, InsulPure is a Greenguard Gold–certified and NGSB Green–certified solution meeting the highest environmental building standards with its fire- and high-temperature resistance and sound control. Formaldehyde-free, lightweight, bright, and easy to cut, InsulPure has improved recovery and rigidity to help keep it in place no matter the size of the installation, says the manufacturer.

Modern Forms

Aura Smart Ceiling Fan
Whether installed in a bedroom, dining, or living area, the Aura Smart Ceiling Fan’s 72-inch sweep and broad array of eight blades swiftly circulates air throughout a space. Each blade of the fan is engineered with a subtle curve to push cool air downward as the Bluetooth remote control gives an option of six speeds. Wet-rated for both indoor and outdoor use, the smart fan by Modern Forms is available in matte black with brushed nickel; matte black with brass; and matte white with soft brass. Its DC motor runs 70% more energy efficiently than traditional AC motors, claims the manufacturer.


Flair Smart Vent
While central HVAC systems can be imperfect in distributing air, the Flair Smart Vent can help adjust the temperature in rooms that are invariably hot (or cold). Paired with an app and smart thermostat, the Smart Vent can be set to different temperatures in different rooms. Its system opens or closes the vents to direct airflow into the right rooms at the right time. Offered in multiple rectangular sizes with covers in various finishes, the vent will also be available in square sizes as of September, according to the company.

Soltis Loop Sunmate

Soltis Loop Sunmate
Made from 100% recycled materials, Serge Ferrari Group’s Soltis Loop Sunmate fabric provides indoor solar protection with blinds, vertical blinds, and panel tracks. Soltis Loop Sunmate filters the optimum amount of natural light and prevents glare while offering UV protection for indoor spaces. Blocking up to 91% of heat, its innovative fabric is available in eight colors and is Greenguard Gold certified and PVC and phthalate free.

Landmark Solaris

Landmark Solaris
Lowering the heat from the exterior, CertainTeed’s Landmark Solaris cool roof shingles feature a special granule surface blend that reflects up to 44% of solar energy to make a roof cooler compared with standard roofing shingles. With a goal of reducing roof temperatures and heat transfer into living spaces, Solaris’ wood shake-inspired asphalt shingles can lessen the workload of an air-conditioning system to save on energy costs while also protecting a home from the elements. According to the manufacturer, the product also includes a wide nailing area, streak-fighting technology, and QuadraBond, which secures layers of shingle firmly together.