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Big in Japan: What's Behind Asian Interest In U.S. Builders

Facing a stagnant market at home, Japanese builders are turning their attention to... More

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Capture Data Insights That Provide Pay Back

Expert panel shares how to capture data insights that challenge the housing... More

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Builders Adjust to a Recessionary Labor Market

They aren't having trouble finding workers now, but some worry about the availability and cost of skilled subs once market conditions improve. More

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Construction Industry Sheds 126,000 Jobs in March

Nearly half of those lost positions come from residential builders and their specialty trade contractors. More

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Foreclosures Increase Unexpectedly in February

More than 290,000 properties received filings last month. More

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Banks Fight With Builders For Assets

Strapped for cash, banks put the squeeze on builders. More

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Home Builders Around the Country Are Barely Surviving the Housing Downturn

As winter arrives, many builders find themselves at the mercy of increasingly desperate lenders, their companies upside down. More

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Analysts Critique Bailout of Fannie, Freddie by Treasury

Some wonder if this "shot in the arm" to housing and financial markets will have any lasting impact. More

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Unemployment Rises, Job Losses Increase

The national economy is still losing jobs every month, and construction jobs, which saw a smaller decrease than normal this month, continue to lead the way. More

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