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7 Hot New-Home Markets This Summer

The Census Bureau reported low new residential sales across the nation for June, but some markets didn't follow suit. Here, BUILDER ranks the top seven hot markets for new-home sales at the start of summer. More

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Horton Grabs 622 Lots in the Inland Empire

D.R. Horton's expands in the Inland Empire by buying 622 lots from Foremost Communities. More

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Building the Case for Active Adult on the Treasure Coast

With top-selling communities in Central and South Florida, there's no questions that the age-restricted active adult community is popular. If a builder can sell 3,500 active adult homes in rural Central Florida, why can’t it be done on the Treasure Coast? More

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A Man for Others

The 2014 Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Award winner raises millions of dollars to help eradicate homelessness, ALS, diabetes, and cancer. More

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The New Home Company re-ignites its IPO run

Will an IPO run that brought home building six new public companies in 2013 crank back up for 2014? As we speak, the key execs from the latest IPO candidate--The New Home Company--are booking a whirlwind "road show" for investors in the next two weeks or so, so public home builder No. 22 may be here by months' end. BIG BUILDER's John McManus has insight. More

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The Big List, part 2

For fleeting moments this past Spring, institutional investors globally clamored for a way in to pure-play investments in home building and development companies. Nearly every privately held local and regional company in the nation got a phone call from investment banks and consultants looking for an opportunity to take them public. The question then wasn't "could you go public?" It was "should you go public?" Access to low-cost cash and liquidity sounded inviting to many. But, as we look at the inside story of TRI Pointe Homes' journey to its January IPO, we see really what it takes for a company to make such a play. The window's narrowed since last Spring. But it will open again. More

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For Builders that Survived, Flexibility Was the Key

These 25 builders made it through the dark days of the past five years by adapting to—instead of bemoaning—market conditions. Now, many are poised to expand as business conditions improve. More

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Top 50 Multifamily Builders in 2011

Things were definitely moving in the right direction for multifamily starts last year. More

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News From the Front Line: Business Is Improving

But builders aren’t completely ready yet to declare the housing downturn over. More

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