Resolution: 4 Architecture

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Modular Home Reflects Over 15 Years of Research in Prefab Construction

New York–based Resolution: 4 Architecture constructed 80% of the Bridgehampton... More

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New Books for Summertime Reading

A roundup of the latest architectural releases for your reading pleasure. More

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the sliding scale

Smaller projects mean more client interviews, thinner profit margins, and more jobs starting and stopping. More

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6 Prefab Houses That Could Change Home Building

Affordable prices, cool design, easy delivery. What’s not to like? More

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10 Things You Need to Know About Modular Homes

Surely you've heard the industry's sales pitch by now: lower costs, speedy construction, excellent craftsmanship, and quality building products in a controlled setting. Builders who use modular systems say you can believe the hype. But before you run out to your local supplier or modular home manufacturer, you need to do your homework. More

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Modular Modernism

The obstacle to more people moving into hip, modernistic homes isn't a matter of... More

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Modern Modular

It had to happen sooner or later: a high-tech modular home for pampered baby... More

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