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What a Trump Presidency Might Mean for Energy Codes

Can President-elect Trump de-regulate the industry as he has promised? BUILDER... More

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Is It Time to Evolve?

Don't be afraid to try out new or alternative building materials, products, and... More

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Energy Rating Index Gives Builders an Advantage

The ERI compliance path soon may be coming to a state near you--are you ready?... More

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Do Energy Codes Work?

Preliminary results from the largest residential energy code field study ever... More

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The Future of Energy Codes

While energy codes have moved from complex to simple over the years, it sometimes... More

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Seven Keys to Alleviating Permitting Pain

Home builders should urge their local officials to make the permitting processes... More

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Energy Codes Preserve Homeowner Health and Comfort

Failure to comply with the mechanical system provisions in the IECC can lead to... More

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Energy-Related Mortgage Innovations To Come Within a Year?

Three recent studies address energy efficiency and home ownership bode well for... More

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