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Does Energy Efficiency or Innovative Design Sell Homes Faster?

It depends whether primary competition is new or existing homes. More

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BUILDER/American LIVES Survey Illuminates Preferences of Single Buyers of New Homes

A special analysis of the 2010 BUILDER/American LIVES New Home Shopper Survey reveals the wants and needs of single buyers. More

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Who Are the Current Home Buyers?

BUILDER commissioned a market research firm to zero in on who the active buyers are and what they want in a home. More

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Can Gen Y Save Home Building?

The younger generation wants hip, urban, and green. But can they afford to buy it? More

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New-Home Shoppers Could Power Economic Recovery

2009 BUILDER/American LIVES New-Home Shopper Survey sheds new light on perceptions about the home. More

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Shoppers Seem to Want More Than Big Flashy Houses These Days

Community and energy efficiency top their lists of priorities. More

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