Not all American cities are created equally when it comes to air quality, and some of the most environmentally friendly metros aren't always the most affordable. So, where can buyers go to find the healthiest areas with the most reasonable prices? 

Long-time exposure to air pollutants present tremendous threats to human health, such as lung cancer and cardiovascular disease, according to Environmental Health Perspectives, a health science journal published under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For ordinary folks, the best way to lower such risks is to live in cities that have better air quality, making location a significant factor in a household's long-term health.

To builders, it is a big advantage to know which markets are most appealing to the environmentally-conscious. People who choose to buy homes in areas with better air quality are also more likely to be interested in green and sustainable building, and might be willing to pay more for those features.

To highlight the cleanest cities that are still affordable, we’ve put together a list using Metrostudy data and American Lung Association’s State of the Air 2015 rankings. (The ranking was ordered according to year-round particle pollution in each place.) We’ve collected the median closing price so far in 2015 for each clean air metro, and have ruled out those where the median new home price is above the national median of $199,800. The 10 qualified metros that have made our list can be viewed in our slideshow.