D.R. Horton has closed on a 9.24-acre parcel in the city of Vista in Northern San Diego County at the north east intersection of Grapevine Road and Date Street that Costa Mesa-based developer Warmington has controlled since 2017.

The site has been approved for 68 single family detached condominiums ranging in size from 1,781 to 2,306 square feet.

During the re-entitlement process, Warmington was able to remove all inclusionary fees previously conditioned on the property, redesign all water quality facilities, redesign all off site sewer connection points to avoid existing rock and utilities, and translocate a protected plant (thread-leaved Brodiaea) under California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). Additionally the site is bisected by the Buena Vista Creek a waterway governed by CDFW and US Army Corps of Engineers.

That endeavor took almost 12 months at which point Warmington elected to sell the property to DR Horton in July 2018. Warmington developed the site in a finished lot condition and closed with DR Horton December 2018.

The intricate land development construction process required over 50,000 square feet of retaining walls with the portion along the creek supported by a geopier ground stabilization system, 65,000 cubic yards of import and the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the waterway, where no development or disruption of the existing habit is permitted under the governing environmental agency (CDFW). The bridge spanned across the stream to connect the two sites; there are 26 lots on the west side of the stream/creek and 42 lots on the east side.