Architect Wayne Windham has a tough time showing clients the six homes he designed in the Palmetto Bluff community of Bluffton because they’re rented out constantly to vacationers. That, plus the fast sales of the homes at the peak of the recession for a million dollars–plus each, represents a job well done for Windham, who designed the homes for a strip of remnant land in the community. The developer had three deposit checks in hand before a model was built, and a color rendering was all potential buyers had to see.

Mind you, these houses are not on the water and offer no special views. What they do have is design that lives up to people’s ideals of Low Country living, from the rocking chairs on deep front porches, to beds hung swinging from rafters on sleeping porches, as well as the third-floor attic area that most buyers opted to have converted to nifty built-in bunks, extra space for the passel of children most renters arrive with.