Nearly 15,000 homes were damaged or destroyed during the October 2017 wildfires that raged across Northern and Southern California, leaving thousands of families homeless. Due to a severe construction labor shortage and the need for soil testing and permitting on the affected sites, many residents will wait years, not months, to rebuild.

They will wait, that is, unless they are clients of Palo Alto, Calif.-based Connect Homes. The prefab residential design and building company aims to have clients who lost houses into new, non-combustible homes within a year. Bringing quick-build expertise and relying on a carefully chosen palette of fireproof materials, the Connect Homes team is skilled at working on an accelerated construction timeline.

For those who lost their homes to the fires, Connect Homes provides free site assessments, cuts design fees in half, and fast tracks their projects. Around 10 to 15 clients have already signed contracts, and the first few expect to move into their new homes this summer. In fact, the company’s quickly constructed dwellings will translate into savings of nearly four years and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for these homeowners, and its services will no doubt be in demand for homeowners currently dealing with this summer's wildfire outbreak.

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