Dennis Webb has a $40 million secret to share.

He can’t wait to give away a strategy his company, VP of Operations at Fulton Homes, uses as the largest private builder in the Arizona market.

The reason for Webb’s generosity? “The home building industry needs a change, drastic and quick. We can do better as an industry. We want to help,” he explains.

Thirteen years ago, Fulton Homes reinvented a central aspect of the home buying process: option selection. “We don’t look at option selection like most home builders. We take the customer’s viewpoint, not a product viewpoint,” Webb says.

Fulton’s strategy centers around the Fulton Homes Design Center. A typical Design Center is around 2,500 square feet. Fulton Homes? Try 13,000 square feet. A home buyer shopping kitchens, for example, will explore nine full kitchen vignettes.

That’s just the beginning. The Fulton Homes retail selling strategy nets the Arizona home builder an extra $50,000 in sales per home on average, says Webb. Other strategy features include:

  1. Trust the Customer. “Be transparent. Customers will reward you for it. Who would you buy a house from? Someone who openly reveals a price or someone who doesn’t? We do $40 million a year in purchasing options by being completely open with the customer,” Webb says. Fulton Homes is the only builder that will provide digital pricing to the home buyer prior to signing a contract on a new home.
  2. What Would Nordstrom’s Do? Webb had a 25-year retail career before joining Fulton Homes. He’s not the only one in the company with a retail background, including most of the Fulton leadership. That customer centric focus informs every aspect of the organization.
  3. What Would Amazon Do? Webb believes most builders undervalue their website, reducing it to an “online brochure” in his words. Fulton Homes knows its home buyers carefully research their purchase online. “Our customers want a ton of information,” says Webb. “Presenting that level of detail isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Our customers spend on average nearly seven hours with our online system before visiting the Design Center.”
  4. Browse Night. Every other Thursday evening, Fulton Homes opens the doors to its mega Design Center in Tempe, Arizona to everyone, Fulton Homes buyer or not. “It’s invaluable. We get 60 – 90 active or potential home buyers. I go to every Browse Night. I wouldn’t miss them for the world,” Webb says.
  5. Everyone Sells. Everyone.
  6. Trusted Partner. Webb singles out Interior Logic Group (ILG), the national leader in interior finish solutions for home builders and outsourced Design Center services. “We’re partners with them in the Design Center. The center generates $40 million a year with just six designers and a manager. ILG is by far our largest vendor. They’re more important to us than our framers,” reports Webb.

Is Webb worried about giving away trade secrets? Not at all. “Even if our competitors use our strategy, which they should, we’re going to be on to something else,” he says. To learn more about Interior Logic’s Builder Services like Design Centers and proprietary technology, visit