Smart home features aren’t just a “nice to have” anymore – they’re now often a part of a new home. Homes that can be controlled and managed easily is a convenience and luxury standard that customers have come to expect when shopping for new houses.

Once reserved for the remote-controlled garage door, smart home products have since moved to entry doors, windows, lights, faucets, stoves, refrigerators, and more. Some are for convenience, such as thermostats or timing the blinds to come down during bright sun. Others are for energy efficiency, such as controlling and monitoring water flow. Most, however, center around safety and protection.

Home security systems have always been part of the smart ecosystem, but have grown in sophistication. Doors can be as simple as a lock-and-key with ability to easily re-key or as complex as ones tied into an alarm system with video surveillance. Some systems can also be connected to windows, which may trigger an alarm if opened when set or part of the video system. Doors, however, are usually the typical target and companies can offer a whole host of options to protect them from forced entry.

For lock-and-key systems, such as those produced by lockmaker Kwikset, the ability to re-key a door is crucial to safety. Whether someone has misplaced a key or just moved, it’s easy to change the key without having to replace the locks. Kwikset’s SmartKey Security allows homeowners to reset the lock with the use of a Smartkey tool in a matter of seconds. It provides up to 100,000 key combinations, making it possible to re-key over and over without needing to replace the locks. Any number of products can be easily re-keyed, including doorknobs, deadbolts, electronic locks and even padlocks.

There are other methods to maintain home security. Controlling lights can be accomplished by a smart phone, which allows a homeowner to make it look as if someone is home even if no one is. Similarly, items such as faucets and stoves can be powered remotely in case someone left one on by accident. It also provides a peace of mind when homeowners are out of the house. In case of a power outage, smart refrigerators can monitor food exposure as well.

Installing these smart ecosystems makes homes more attractive to potential home buyers because of their high-tech connectivity, security and convenience. They give builders an advantage over homes without smart products, helping close sales at a faster rate.

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