The front door is one of the first things people notice about a home, and the door handle is the first touchpoint for residents and guests alike. Therefore, it’s easy to think solely about a handleset’s aesthetics; but specification of today’s entry door hardware should consider much more. The proliferation of new innovations is helping to advance both security and convenience—while providing a differentiation point for savvy builders.

Here’s a look at some of the trends shaping the future of entry door hardware.

  • Eliminating the locksmith: Lost keys are a trial nearly every homeowner will encounter in their life. For example, Kwikset’s SmartKey Security* system eradicates those woes. Rather than the pins and tumblers of typical lock cylinders, SmartKey Security’s patented system allows homeowners to re-key the locks themselves in under a minute.
  • Increased versatility: A simple re-keying ability, like SmartKey Security can help busy families remain nimble. Homeowners can create temporary keys for house sitters or other individuals who need short-term access to the home; when that access is no longer needed, simply re-key the lock. Similarly, for electronic door hardware featuring a keypad, homeowners can create unique keycodes for each member of the family as well as guests. In combination with a smartphone app, this allows parents to see when their kids arrive home from school, to create temporary codes for housecleaners or repairmen, and to easily change codes, from anywhere, when needed.
  • Increased security for the homeowner: With all of the new features and benefits, one thing that isn’t sacrificed is security. SmartKey Security, for example, is effective against picking and bumping than traditional pin and tumbler locks. Electronic locks often include features like encryption security, auto-locking, and lock disabling to ensure only authorized users can gain access.
  • Increased security for the builder: A product with SmartKey Security can also increase job site security by removing the complexity of a traditional pin and tumbler lock. What’s more, the builder can save money and resources because they do not have to train staff to re-key locks, since homeowners can do it themselves.
  • Black finishes, modern styles: Like the matte black finishes that are dominating kitchen faucets, iron black finishes are getting a lot of attention on entry door locks. Similarly, contemporary styles continue to gain momentum as homeowners seek out uncluttered, streamlined looks.

Entry door hardware will always be primarily about one thing: providing security for the home. But with the influx of new technologies—not to mention growing expectations from homeowners—locks also are increasingly about convenience, efficiency, and versatility. Home builders seizing these innovations stand to differentiate themselves while helping homeowners not only feel safe, but also connected in ways they may not have imagined possible.

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*The term SmartKey Security is a registered trademark Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc.