The Lubrizol Corporation has partnered with HomeSphere to provide information and enable incentive programs for its products on HomeSphere’s product discovery and incentive management service. Among the products now listed on HomeSphere are Lubrizol’s FlowGuard Gold CPVC non-metallic plumbing system and BlazeMaster fire-suppression solution.

Lubrizol aims to use HomeSphere’s rebate management system and its userbase of over 2,000 local production builders to provide education and resources about its non-metallic plumbing system on a wider scale. “HomeSphere’s platform is an ideal channel to reach the growing market of local production builders,” says Jonathan Simon, Lubrizol’s Sales and Marketing Manager for North America Residential Plumbing. “Through HomeSphere’s extensive network, we can now offer this builder community both our expert consultative support and a superior plumbing piping system backed by warranties that help them deliver peace of mind to their homebuyers.”

Given that Lubrizol also serves multi-family projects, HomeSphere hopes to draw in multi-family builders seeking rebates on new Flowguard and Blazemaster systems. “The Lubrizol Corporation is an ideal fit for HomeSphere’s network of builders,” says HomeSphere Chief Marketing Officer Tim Bates. “FlowGuard Gold pipes and fittings are among the highest quality plumbing products available, and its expert consulting is a real fit with our network of 2,000-plus builders. We look forward to our ongoing partnership.”