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Kitchen appliance manufacturers are taking steps into large appliance automation this year, and they’ve brought Google and Alexa along for the ride. As easily as a homeowner can ask Alexa or Google to dim the lights or tell them a joke, they can also set the temperature on their oven and run the washer, dryer, and dishwasher - all from wherever they have access to their Echo, Dot, or Home device. This means less time tied to the stove to prepare for big family gatherings like Thanksgiving.

These six manufacturers are putting out new, Wi-Fi Enabled appliance models that home owners can control with an Alexa or Google Home assistant hub. Most manufacturers require the user to connect their voice hub to their new appliance in a proprietary smart device app, and Alexa users will also need to activate the appropriate skill for their product.

1. GE Appliances

“OK Google, ask Geneva Home to preheat my oven for turkey.”

GE Appliances has over 70 large kitchen appliances that offer Wi-Fi Connectivity, including ranges, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. Some have Wi-Fi capabilities built in, while others require the use of a ConnectPlus module.

The Alexa and Google Home platforms connect to GE Appliances products through the manufacturer’s proprietary voice assistant, Geneva, and the GE Appliances Kitchen App. Users can ask their voice assistants to ask Geneva to dispense hot water from a GE refrigerator, preheat the oven for a particular recipe, or ask about the status of any Geneva-connected appliances.

2. Kenmore

“Alexa, ask Kenmore Smart to set my refrigerator’s temperature to 37 degrees.”

Kenmore’s lineup of smart, voice-enabled appliances – now available for purchase on Amazon, as well - includes an air conditioner, a washer/dryer, a water heater, a water softener, and a refrigerator. Alexa users can connect to these appliances through the Kenmore Smart skill and the Kenmore Smart app. (Kenmore Smart is not currently compatible with Google Home.)

Kenmore smart refrigerator owners can ask Alexa to report the refrigerator’s temperature and status, change its temperature, and turn on the ice maker in the refrigerator. They can also ask about the status of their water heater or softener, and set the temperature on the water heater.

3. LG

"Ok Google, talk to LG to check remaining time on range."

Alexa and Google Assistant connect with a wide variety of LG products, including washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, air conditioners and robot vacuums. The devices connect with Alexa or Google through the LG SmartThinQ app, and must be registered in the app in order to work with each other.

Air conditioner users can check or set the temperature with voice commands, and air purifier users can adjust the fan’s speed or check their indoor air quality. Refrigerator users can set or increase/decrease the temperature in their refrigerator, turn the ice plus and fresh air filter features on and off, and check the refrigerator’s status. The washer and dryer respond to status updates, on/off commands, and stop/start commands.

4. Jenn-Air

"OK Google, ask Jenn-Air how much time is left on the oven."

Jenn-Air’s 30” Single, Double, and Microwave/Wall Ovens with V2 Vertical Dual-Fan Convection System are the first of its Wi-Fi connected devices to feature Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. Prospective users will need to register their connected appliances with an existing Jenn-Air account before they can connect to Alexa or to Google, and Alexa users will need to enable the Jenn-Air skill.

Once connected, users can ask Google or Alexa to ask Jenn-Air to set their oven or kitchen timers for a minimum of one minute or a maximum of 12 hours, and ask how much time is remaining on an oven or kitchen timer. They can also ask Jenn-Air to preheat the oven, switch oven modes, designate upper or lower oven use for a double oven, lock the oven’s controls, or turn Sabbath mode on and off.

5. Samsung

“Alexa, tell Samsung to start Power Cool.”

Alexa’s Samsung Smart Home - Complete skill works with the manufacturer’s Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum, washer and dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and air conditioner. Users can ask Alexa to tell Samsung to start or stop the dishwasher, check the dishwasher’s status, turn the Power Cool and Power Freeze functions on the refrigerator on and off, and check the refrigerator’s current temperature.

Voice control compatibility for Samsung’s Wi-Fi enabled cooking appliances is coming soon.

6. Bosch

“Alexa, start Home Connect Dishwasher.”

Users can connect Alexa to select Bosch smart appliances through the manufacturer’s partnership with the Home Connect app for iOS and Android. (Home Connect is not currently compatible with Google Home.) Each of the kitchen appliances requires a separate skill: Home Connect Dishwasher, Home Connect Oven, and Home Connect Coffee Machine.

Users can ask Alexa to ask Home Connect to start their Bosch Coffee machine or to prepare a particular drink. They can also operate or monitor the status of their Bosch connected oven, and start or stop their Bosch connected dishwasher.

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