Stunning Backyard Pools

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As we head into prime swimming season, we asked our Friends at Pool and Spa News for some of their favorite and unique backyard pool and spa projects.

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We're heading into some of the hottest days of the summer, and there's no better way to cool off than in the water. Luckily, our sister site Pool & Spa News has pools of all kinds to help homeowners beat the heat this season.

From sprawling waterways surrounded by lush gardens, intricate rockscapes, and cascading waterfalls to dramatic modern pools suspended over a hill, these pools—including Masters of Design Award Winners—showoff the best there is in residential pool design.

These seven outstanding outdoor spa spaces give homeowners their own backyard oasis and dream retreat right outside their door.

Take a dive into some of our favorite awe-inspiring pools from Pool & Spa News:

Fiberglass Pool by Bret Shallenberger
Up and Down Pool
Two-Sided Story
A Perfect Heart
Keeping it Eclectic
Above it All