Architectural photography from Austin, TX.
Paul Finkel Architectural photography from Austin, TX.

Changes in the first-floor layout of Mountain Villa Residence allowed for expanding the powder room. Designers Ulrich Dangel and Tamie Glass took full advantage of a little bit more square footage, changing the swing of the door so it opened in, hiding the wall-hung toilet from view. Now what’s visible through the open powder room door is the striated, dry-stacked basalt wall as well as the basalt tiles that are laid throughout the first floor. Inside the powder room, rosewood veneer and leather wall tiles (which add a luxurious olfactory note) make for lively interplay. The striking textural contrasts and beautiful resolution of junctures between the contrasting materials nabbed this powder room a nod for innovative use of materials. (Mountain Villa Residence also won a merit award for its master bath.)

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