For homeowners who love to cook or entertain, premium kitchen appliances are a must; for those who want to spend less time on meal prep and more time in the company of family and friends, ideal appliances will deliver superior performance at maximum speed. To meet that need, Viking has introduced its new Professional TurboChef 30-inch Double Oven, which the company claims is the fastest residential oven on the market and prepares meals up to 15 times faster than conventional methods. Already in use in commercial kitchens, the TurboChef oven utilizes over 200 patents, including AirSpeed Technology, which blows heated air through the oven cavity at up to 60 mph. Air columns are circulated from the top and bottom of the oven to brown, sear, and caramelize food while ensuring moisture retention. The technology also incorporates precision bursts of microwave cooking.

Using the TurboChef, a 12-pound turkey can be roasted in only 42 minutes and an 8-ounce soufflé can be baked in just two minutes, according to Viking. AirSpeed technology is featured in the top oven of Viking’s Double Oven; the bottom oven uses conventional, convection, proofing and warming drawer capabilities for more traditional meal preparation.

In addition to high-speed technology cutting cooking time, the TurboChef oven is designed to simplify prep time as well. Featuring a user-friendly LCD Touch Control System, users can select various cooking modes to make configuring settings a snap. Seven speedcook modes are available—bake, roast, broil, air crisp, toast, dehydrate and favorites—from which users can select the food type and portion size. The system then draws on a pre-programmed base of over 400 cooking profiles to determine the ideal cook time and temperature.

The oven provides an alert when the cooking cycle is 80% complete so that users can adjust the cooking process according to their own preferences, and then save that altered cycle to a favorites folder. This folder can be used similarly to a recipe book, letting customers easily select cooking programs from the appliance's digital display. The screen also shows on-demand cooking tips and program information when selecting cooking settings.

The new oven is available in seven finishes, and is backed by a three-year signature warranty.

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