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In any major life event, the “before” is often a lot scarier than the “after.”

The 2017 Remodeling Impact Report co-authored by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the National Association of REALTORS® reveals that homeowners have concerns about remodeling projects in the early going, yet get emotional satisfaction once the job is completed.

American homeowners now spend more than $340 billion annually on remodeling and home maintenance projects. The Remodeling Impact Report surveyed more than 2,000 homeowners about their most recent remodeling projects and discovered that:

  • 35% remodeled to upgrade worn-out surfaces, finishes and materials
  • 16% wanted to add functionality and make the home more livable
  • 13% felt it was simply time for a change

Although remodeling definitely increases a home’s resale value, there are also many less tangible benefits:

  • 75% of those who remodel have a greater desire to be in their home
  • 65% enjoy the look and functionality of their home more
  • 56% feel “happy” and 39% feel “satisfied” when they see the finished project
  • 77% feel a major sense of accomplishment when the remodel is completed
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