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As 2019 winds down, everyone is looking ahead to the year to come. This is no different in the world of design, where experts are making predictions about the trends that will define 2020 and the trends that will be left behind. To help designers stay ahead of the curve, design platform Houzz has shared top trends it predicts will dominate residential design in 2020. The picks are based on company research, conversations with experts, and activity among Houzz users. Below are the 10 trends Houzz expects to populate idea boards and social media feeds in 2020.

Wood cabinets amid painted cabinets. According to the 2019 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, white is the most popular kitchen cabinet color, with more than 40% of renovating homeowners electing to install white cabinets. However, Houzz is beginning to see designers add wood drawers, shelves, and pullouts to add visual interest and warmth and break up the expanse of white.

Dining rooms with personality. Family meals in the dining room are no longer the staple they once were. Families are increasingly having meals in informal spaces near or in the kitchen. The dining room, though, remains a popular spot for special occasions and grand meals. Houzz expects to see personality injected into dining rooms through color, pattern, and lighting that might not fit within the context of the style found elsewhere in the home during 2020.

A seat in the bathroom that's not the toilet. A seat in the bathroom can be used while brushing teeth, taking off house slippers, or idling away on the internet. Houzz is seeing seating pop up in the bathroom more frequently in the form of built-in benches or stools that provide versatility. The home design platform expects to see more of the same in 2020.

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