35 XV; New York New York; Architect: FX Fowle Architects David Sundberg/Esto

From our sister site ARCHITECT

In New York City, where space is at a premium, developers have to seize opportunities where they can find them—even in the air. Designed by FXFowle, 35XV was made possible when Alchemy Properties acquired air rights over Xavier High School. The building’s six-story granite-clad base is an expansion of the school, and from it rises a 19-story glass-clad icicle that holds 55 one- to four-bedroom apartments, as well as amenities such as a gym, playroom, and shared terrace. The tower’s form derives from setbacks and sky exposure planes: It cantilevers 17 feet over the existing school and 36 feet over the rear yard, thanks to a structural system that supports it from the back of its base.

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