Clean and contemporary is the look for outdoor patios this summer season.

Concrete coffee tables, teak chairs or dining sets, and bright, aquamarine colors are in style for outdoor living areas in summer 2016, according to the latest Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast, which analyzes survey responses from interior design experts and popular photos on Zillow Digs.

Homeowners will value the simplicity of concrete coffee tables and flooring and teak furniture, which can withstand the outdoor elements and transition easily into subsequent seasons. Teak furniture, such as Adirondack chairs, may even see a modern twist and include elements of stainless steel or concrete.

“Natural wood outdoor furniture will take center stage, but will be modernized by concrete or stainless steel accent materials, which will pop up in anything from chair legs to coffee table tops,” said Kerrie Kelly, Zillow Digs home design expert in a release this morning.

The sleek wood and concrete materials will be contrasted with bright aquamarine hues in throw pillows, umbrellas, and other materials. The predicted most-popular-statement color of the summer adds vibrancy and warmth and to any space, and pairs seamlessly with the slate gray and natural wood textures that will appear on patios this year. Tangerine could also be a popular color choice.

Zillow also noted the out-of-style fads to forget in 2016. Anything high-maintenance or ornate should be ditched for this year’s new trends.

Homeowners want a stylish yet comfortable vibe, so wrought iron furniture sets and floral patterns will seem too intricate and overdone, and will be quickly replaced by the above mentioned modern furniture and solid, bold statement colors. Homeowners will also steer clear of high-maintenance lawns that require expensive, year-round attention, and will instead spend their energy creating a comfortable outdoor living space that feels like an extension of their home.