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The pandemic shifted the way many homeowners use their homes. As lifestyles and work-from-home scenarios have changed, homeowners’ priorities have adapted with a focus on outdoor space, home offices, and natural light. surveyed 47 home builders, architects, and designers to see what home features are on the radar for essential in 2022.

The experts agreed (92%) that usable outdoor areas are very important or important to homeowners. Functional living spaces outside add more room for entertainment, exercise, and relaxation. Indoors, experts think that natural light is also a priority for owners who are spending more time at home. Sixty percent believe natural light to be very important, and 38% believe it to be important.

Home offices were the most important interior space for experts (96%). The average cost to remodel, convert, or newly build a home office is roughly $3,500, according to In terms of functionality and comfort, experts also named thermal insulation (43%) and energy-efficient HVAC systems (32%) as very important to homeowners.

Other important features according to the experts include:

  • Home security
  • Spare rooms and multi-use garages
  • Privacy, whether location-oriented or features such as fences and blinds

Home items that experts think are less important include smart features, solar panels, disaster-proof features, and basements. Swimming pools (59%) were agreed upon as the least important feature for 2022.