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Off-white/cream remains the top preference among American homeowners, according to the second consecutive national survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Alside.

The survey, which covered a sample of nearly 1,500 people, revealed that 40% of homeowners say they would choose a timeless neutral if they were going to update the color of their home exterior in 2024.

“Exterior color trends have always played a significant role in home improvement projects, and it’s no surprise that homeowners are looking to refresh the exterior of their homes with a color that stands the test of time,” says Chase Creighton, Alside business director, vinyl and composite cladding. “Off-white/cream provides a perfect blend of elegance, versatility, and modern appeal that complements various architectural styles, making it a top choice for homeowners across the country.”

Courtesy Alside

After off-white/cream at 16%, light gray (15%), white (14%), light brown (11%), and medium blue (9%) rounded out the top five color choices overall.

According to additional data from the survey, dark blue (2%), medium green (1%), and dark brown (1%) were ranked last of the survey’s options.

In looking at the regional breakdowns, the top exterior color does vary. For the Northeast sample, homeowners opted for light gray (20%) and white (15%) over off-white (14%). Southern homeowners also enjoy light gray (16%) over off-white (15%). But in the Midwest and West, off-white does prove to be most popular with 16% and 19%, respectively.

When asked how they would choose the exterior color, homeowners cited several key factors. In addition to going for a timeless neutral look, top answers included cost (35%), availability (23%), their spouse or significant other will pick (21%), and based on something they saw in a magazine/home improvement show (20%).

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In addition to overall exterior color, Alside also asked about window color preferences. White came out on top, with more than a third (36%) of homeowners choosing the neutral. Other popular choices from the survey include gray (11%), beige/clay and light wood (tied for 10%), and black and dark wood (tied for 9%).

On how they would choose window colors, three reasons tied for first place with 34%, including a color that provides contrast, matches the exterior, or considers cost. Availability came in next at 21%. Meets HOA/local guidelines (18%), based on something they saw in a magazine/home improvement show (17%), and their spouse or significant other will pick (16%) were also top considerations.

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