Whether it be nature-inspired accessories or lots of large windows, the 55-plus buyer craves connectivity between their indoor and outdoor spaces. With a few simple techniques, Mother Nature can shine throughout the interiors.

Create a Seamless Flow

Outdoor retreat at Taylor Morrison home
Indoor outdoor space flow together
Indoor outdoor space flow together

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor by using the same (or very similar) flooring material from the inside to the outdoor living areas. It creates an uninterrupted path that connects the spaces and visually adds square footage to the home.

Windows, Windows, Windows!
When it comes to windows, the bigger the better. Large windows create visual excitement and flood spaces with radiant, natural light. Additionally, regardless of the weather or location, floor-to-ceiling windows provide a spectacular view to the outside area.

Private Living
Create an additional “room” on your back patio by covering the space and adding in cozy seating, a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, and even a TV. The 55-plus buyer envisions themselves wrapping up the day with a glass of wine on the patio or going straight from the grill to a large patio table nearby when entertaining.

Add Minerals and Natural Materials

Indoor outdoor space flow together

Striking quartz, quartzite, or marble in countertops or accessories can add natural depth and movement to a room. Wood finishes, such as ceiling beams and hardwood flooring, add to the organic feel that 55-plus buyers are looking for in their next home.

Cater to the desires of the 55-plus buyer by embracing these earthy elements that allow for the indoor and outdoor spaces to truly unite. The BUILDER Taylor Morrison NEXTadventure Home, which will be on display at the International Builders' Show in January, will showcase many indoor-outdoor connections. Schedule a tour of the home now.