BlissBulbs projecting onto trees in a landscape setting.
Courtesy BlissLights BlissBulbs projecting onto trees in a landscape setting.

BlissLights’ long-standing decorative lighting technology, which uses patented, multi-phase diffractive holographic optics to project thousands of points of light over a wide space, has been reinvented and condensed from its traditional, bulky casing into a single easy-to-use light bulb.

Given their compact design and compatibility with most standard sockets, the BlissBulbs can be used either as interior or exterior features. The bulb screws into any standard socket, without any extra cords or installation, and blends in discreetly with existing home décor. It is easy to move from room to room, depending on its purpose. BlissLights recommends its use as an exterior accent light, or as a night light for children, or as a special occasion light for birthdays, weddings, and other holidays.

The laser-based BlissBulb has four times the number of light points as the next leading brand, and sports low energy consumption and a long usable life. It is priced between $24.99 and $29.99, far lower than similar projection technology on the market, and is available in red, green, and blue.