This Bay Area transit-oriented development received high marks from the jury for its energy efficiency, design, and for the low-income population it serves—including those who have been homeless or have faced mental health challenges. Main Street Village’s proximity to transit led the city to approve a parking reduction; 53 of 59 on-site parking spaces are underground, reducing the heat island effect and allowing more space on the site to be devoted to landscaping and outdoor areas for the residents.

Siting takes advantage of the southern exposure with plentiful windows and balconies, shaded to provide maximum solar gain in the winter and minimize solar gain in the summer. Heating in each of the 64 units is provided by a highly efficient on-demand boiler for both domestic hot water and radiant heat in the units. In addition, a 73.3-kW PV system on one building and a 33.6-kW system on the other provide electricity for the common areas, and a solar water pre-heat system provides hot water for a common laundry room.