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The allure and benefits of the great outdoors continue to captivate homeowners, inspiring many to reimagine their own exterior spaces. To stay on top of the latest trends shaping these areas, two decking manufacturers—Deckorators and Trex—have released their findings and insight for outdoor living in 2024.

“Our experts are seeing homeowners prioritize a balance of form and function,” says Michelle Hendricks, Deckorators category marketing manager. “It's all about creating a flexible-use space full of elements that enhance the enjoyment of the outdoor experience.”

Leslie Adkins, vice president of marketing and ESG development for Trex Co., adds, “Countless studies have shown that exposure to nature can decrease stress, anxiety, and fatigue, increase length of sleep, and improve mood. As more homeowners recognize the positive impact of the great outdoors on their overall health, wellness, and enjoyment, the value of outdoor living spaces will continue to rise.”

The following trend highlights were compiled from expert advice provided by both companies and are predicted to shape outdoor living in the year ahead.

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Functional Designs: Homeowners are looking to utilize their outdoor spaces for multiple purposes, in all kinds of weather, and in every season. Flexible-use zones throughout the deck are becoming a design standard, revealing a trend toward maximizing utility and prioritizing spatial flow.

Restorative Retreats: A backyard can play a major role in promoting both mental and physical well-being. Creating a restorative retreat can be as simple as turning a corner into a reading nook or adding a tranquil space for yoga outfitted with comfortable seating, string lights, speakers, and lots of greenery.

Monochrome Moments: Homeowners' preferences for deck colors are becoming more minimalistic, reports both decking companies. It keeps the design natural and neutral and opens up more opportunities for pops of color and texture elsewhere that can be easily updated with changing trends.

Destination Spaces: Inspired by their own travels as well as the luxurious lifestyles featured on television, today’s homeowners have become increasingly fluent in creating destination-style outdoor spaces that are calibrated and customized to their own homes, budgets, and lifestyles.

Perfecting Privacy: Privacy walls and shade structures make the outdoor experience more comfortable, offering seclusion from neighbors and protection from the elements. Privacy components also commonly serve dual purpose, incorporating entertainment centers and greenery.

Sustainable Selections: Sustainability remains a major focus. The experts expect to see further expansion of environmentally friendly backyard projects like native planting, pollinator gardens, stormwater captures, and zero-scaping, along with more eco-friendly design choices.

Fire Features: Homeowners are challenging the seasonality of their outdoor spaces with heated elements, whether it be the sleek, discreet warmth of outdoor heaters or the eye-catching ambiance of a central fireplace.

Outdoor Kitchens: Homeowners are treating the outdoor kitchen as a place for both cooking and camaraderie, showing increased interest in upgrades such as extended counter space and built-in appliances.

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