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The Building Talent Foundation (BTF) recently announced two new strategic collaborations, one with M.T. Copeland Technologies, an educational provider of online training, and one with the Painting Contractors Association (PCA), a trade association for painting contractors.

Both partnerships focus on facilitating professional development and career placements in the residential construction industry.

Through the M.T. Copeland partnership, the company will introduce its students to BTF resources, including the careers platform and BTF engagement managers, to help them plan their professional journeys and provide career coaching and job placement assistance.

In turn, BTF will introduce job seekers to M.T. Copeland training courses, helping candidates upskill and better position themselves for the most sought-after careers.

“Building Talent Foundation is committed to helping individuals advance their skills and secure fulfilling careers in residential construction,” says Branka Minic, CEO of BTF. “This partnership leverages our organizations’ combined strengths and brings us closer to our vision of further developing a sustainable workforce in the sector.”

With PCA, an online library of training videos will also be promoted on and BTF’s engagement managers will connect qualified job candidates to employment and on-the-job training opportunities with PCA member companies.

In turn, PCA will promote as a source of well-trained job candidates, helping its members find skilled workers within BTF’s network.

“BTF is proud to partner with a storied association like PCA that encourages aspiring professional painters to seek high-quality skills training tailored to the current needs in the job market,” continues Minic. “The partnership not only benefits PCA members looking to fill jobs but also positions BTF as a reliable provider of talent for companies actively seeking skilled workers.”

BTF and PCA will also team up with other organizations to create projects where young and underrepresented people will have access to PCA’s training video library and BTF’s career counseling and job placement services. Once an agency’s clients have completed their skills training, BTF will help job candidates launch their careers by connecting them to on-the-job training and employment opportunities with PCA member companies.

“BTF and PCA both seek to support people as they train for careers and place them with companies that need skilled employees,” says Julie Ethan, education program manager for PCA. “Working together, the goal is to improve individual lives and meet the talent needs of employers, all while strengthening our communities and the economy.”