Maura McCarthy is full of passion for rethinking how housing is thought of in the United States. As the co-founder and vice president of market development for Blu Homes, McCarthy started to tackle this passion years ago.

Now, she’s driving it to the rest of the industry in her role as a 2017 HIVE dean. At the event, she’ll discuss how a new blend of engineering, finance, design, distribution, and data can break outdated practices and, finally, evolve models of construction cycles and workflows to start to catch up to the rest of the world’s practices.

In this short video, McCarthy explores the issues that face housing in the U.S., which put an enormous amount of stress on the American family. She sees a strong need for many homeowners to get back to a small piece of land with a beautiful, simple home.

However, McCarthy points out that the regulations around housing in the U.S. make it hard to provide simple housing. Permitting fees and legal requirements make providing the right type and the right quantity of housing more and more difficult.

Some communities are finding ways to circumnavigate these issues. For instance, Seattle has been successful with policies around accessory dwelling units. And that success is traveling down the West Coast to areas like LA County that are desperately in need of change.

Andrew Salzberg, head of transportation policy and research at Uber, will join McCarthy on her panel at the HIVE conference. Salzberg brings his expertise and Uber’s experience at breaking through local jurisdiction to the discussion.

Steve Glenn, CEO at Plant Prefab and the founder and managing director of Living Homes, is another member of the HIVE panel who will lend his expertise on the prefabrication process. He has been educating the U.S. industry on the benefits of prefab by designing homes built in a controlled environment that are designed to have less environmental impact.

At HIVE, McCarthy partners with these experts to look at how to build houses better, with better economics, and ultimately create places where people can grow and learn for the long term. Register now to hear Maura and her panel discuss these pressing issues at HIVE, scheduled for Dec. 6 and 7 in Los Angeles.

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