The Window & Door Manufacturers Association has launched a new educational initiative, “Open Up to Performance”, designed around educating builders, architects and remodelers about the process of specifying and selecting high-performance windows, doors, and skylights.

The initiative’s educational and informative content will be available on its accompanying microsite,, including blog posts, videos, podcasts, and webinars from industry experts.

Topics include current trends and news in high-performance windows and doors, innovations and pertinent research, performance and standard guides, and ways to use high-performance products to increase energy efficiency.

The site also provides information on the WDMA Hallmark Certification Program, an accredited testing and inspection program to ensure the high quality, performance, and code compliance of window and door products. Resources include an overview and in-depth webinar, as well as information on selecting and specifying architectural doors that meet ANSI/WDMA standards.

“Our goal is to provide a valuable resource that educates our audience on how to identify high-performance products, as well as the benefits and return on investment of using them,” says Michael O’Brien, WDMA president and chief executive officer. “The site is interactive, engaging and allows those with any level of knowledge on the world of windows, doors and skylights to gain a well-rounded understanding of these products.”