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More than 20.4 million single-family homes are at high risk of convective storms—including straight-line winds, tornadoes, hail, and severe thunderstorms—according to the 2023 Severe Convective Storm Risk Report by CoreLogic.

Texas (over 5.5 million homes), Missouri (over 2.1 million), Minnesota (over 1.6 million), Colorado (over 1.5 million), and Oklahoma (over 1.3 million) are the five states with the most at-risk single-family homes.

For builders, material choices play an important role in producing resilient structures to minimize the risk of damage from natural occurrences. CoreLogic’s risk models estimate severe storms account for an average annual loss of more than $17 billion among the insured, with hail damage accounting for more than $11 billion. In 2022, 11 severe convective storm events caused losses that totaled more than $1 billion.

According to CoreLogic’s Weather Verification technology and monitoring, extreme winds in excess of 80 mph associated with severe storm activity affected more than a million homes in 2022. In Florida alone, over 700,000 homes were impacted by winds greater than 80 mph, mostly attributed to Hurricane Ian.

More than a million homes were damaged by hailstorms in 2022, with single-family homes in Texas, Minnesota, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Iowa most at-risk. Additionally, nearly 8,000 homes across the country were impacted by tornado damage in 2022, with Texas, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, and Mississippi most at-risk, according to CoreLogic.