Estonian home building company Avrame is introducing its A-frame building kits to the U.S. market through its new AvrameUSA division, which will source, engineer, package, and ship its kits from Salt Lake City, Utah.

The company offers a total of 11 A-frame building kits, which range from small storage sheds or studios to multi-room single-family homes. Each one includes all of the lumber, roof and flooring structures, windows, doors, and building accessories necessary for a given structure, as well as blueprints and building components required to construct it on a properly-prepared foundation.

All components are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and ready to assemble on-site. The homeowner is responsible for preparing the building site and foundation, hiring a contractor or gathering an assembly team, and sourcing/installing any mechanical components, including HVAC.

The kits are available across three style series:

  • The Solo Series models use a 14-foot triangular custom fabricated truss system, and measure 14 feet wide and 13-feet, 4 1/2 inches tall. A total of three models are available, ranging from 20-34 feet in length and 140 to 250 square feet in size. They are envisioned for use as art studios, workshops, personal sanctuaries or home gyms. Kit pricing ranges from $8,600-$26,100.
  • The Duo Series uses a 20-foot truss system, and measures 20 feet wide and 17 feet, 8 1/2 inches tall. The structures are envisioned for use as lake houses, mountain cabins, or short-term rental spaces, and each floor plan includes a dormer, one- to two-bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a loft. A total of three models range from 20-34 feet in length and 400-650 square feet in size. Pricing ranges from $12,950 to $44,300.
  • The Trio Series uses a 30-foot truss system, and measures 30 feet wide and 27 feet tall. It is designed for use as a full-time home or gathering space, with flexible floor planning for custom designs available. Standard plans include a dormer, 2-4 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, and a second-floor living space. A total of five models range from 20-50 feet in length and 700 to 1,600 square feet in size. Pricing ranges from $23,650 to $91,450.

"Avrames can be built anywhere you want, on any style of foundation — new or pre-existing. They're perfect for off-grid applications, and the steeply angled roof is ideal for installing solar panels," says Indrek Kuldkepp, founder of Avrame. "Insulation has traditionally been the tricky part of building, which in the past kept A-frames as summer homes. But that issue has long-since been solved — and now, A-frames are a perfect year-round housing solution."