In its recently released 2017 Responsibility Report, The Home Depot outlined its chemical use strategy, which includes the ongoing phase-out of certain harmful chemicals in its paint, paint removers, flooring, and insulation products.

The Home Depot has committed to increasing its assortment of products that provide ingredient transparency, receive third-party certifications, and meet high environmental standards. It has re-affirmed its commitment to work with suppliers to improve their products.

The retailer plans to re-evaluate this chemical strategy on a yearly basis, to ensure that it meets stakeholders’ needs.

The following standards apply to The Hope Depot’s stores in the U.S. and Canada unless otherwise specified.


Home Depot has worked with its paint suppliers over the last ten years to eliminate harmful chemicals from its paint products and maintain healthier air quality.

The Home Depot’s paint tinting colorants have used a water-based, low-VOC and ethylene-glycol-free formu-lation since 2012. All interior and exterior latex water-based paints sold at Home Depot now exclude triclosan, isocyanates, formaldehyde, lead, and heavy metals. Alkylpenhol ethoxylates and Nonylphenol ethoxylates have been eliminated from most paint formulas, and will be fully eliminated by December 2019.

All interior and exterior latex water-based paints in U.S. stores are either zero- or low-VOC, and the full assortment of latex water-based paints in Canadian stores will be zero- or low-VOC by 2020. The report includes a full list of zero- and low-VOC paints available at Home Depot locations.

In Home Depot’s U.S. stores, all Behr interior paints, Glidden Premium and Diamond, and PPG Time-less interior paints are GREENGUARD Gold certified. All BehrPro interior paints and Behr Primers are MPI-X-Green certified.

Paint Removers

Home Depot is currently working with suppliers and with the EPA to identify alternatives to methylene chloride in paint removers with comparable effectiveness. In the meantime, the retailer offersseveral alternative removers that do not contain methylene chloride.


All indoor wall-to-wall carpet sold through Home Depot is verified for chemical transparency through DECLARE Label or Environmental Product Declarations, or certified for material health through Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute or CRI Green Label Plus.

All carpets sold at The Home Depot exclude perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) or perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), triclosan, organotins, ortho-phthalates, vinyl chloride, nonylphenol ethoxylates, coal fly ash, formaldehyde, or added heavy metals.

As of January 2016, no vinyl flooring sold at the Home Depot in contains ortho-phthalates. All laminate flooring is either GREENGUARD Gold or FloorScore certified to contain 0.0073 ppm or less of formaldehyde.


All fiberglass insulation products sold at Home Depot are GREENGUARD Gold certified, and do not contain brominated or halogenated flame retardants, antimony trioxide, formaldehyde, or added heavy metals.