The number of homes issued a HERS Index Score increased to a record 337,962 in 2022 from 313,153 in 2021, according to the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). The national average HERS Index Score in 2022 for HERS-rated homes was 58, a rating 42% more efficient than a home built as recently as 2006, according to RESNET.

“Home builders are increasingly seeing energy efficiency as a major selling point for buying a new home. To take advantage of this opportunity, builders across the nation are presenting their homes’ energy performance in a way that every home buyer can understand, the home’s HERS Index Score,” RESNET executive director Steve Baden says. “I expect that this trend will continue. It is particularly encouraging that the average HERS Index Score of homes HERS rate was 58. This is 42% more efficient than homes built as recently as 2006, and 72% more efficient than a typical home built in in the 1970s.”

For the second consecutive year, Texas was the top performing state, with 81,674 homes receiving a HERS Index Score and an average index score of 59. Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, South Carolina, Indiana, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Minneosta round out the top 10 leading states for homes receiving a HERS Index Score. The number of homes receiving a HERS Index Score in Texas was more than three times greater than the number of homes in second-place Arizona (26,828).

California, Vermont, Mississippi, Hawaii, and South Dakota featured the lowest average HERS Index Scores, according to RESNET.