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Home Innovation Research Labs recently celebrated the 100,000th National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certified home. This milestone is significant not only because of the number of homes that have been certified, but also for what it signifies for the state of the home building industry overall.

When the certification program began in January 2009, “we were in the midst of the housing downturn and were taking a big risk to ask builders to voluntarily build homes to an above-code green standard, and pay to have those homes scrutinized under a rigorous third-party certification protocol,” says Michael Luzier, Home Innovation President and CEO. “But we knew the program was sound and would provide value to those who chose to participate. ... Forward-thinking builders saw NGBS Green as a way to emerge from the downturn by building better, higher-performing, and more marketable homes.”

This milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on what a game-changer the NGBS rating system has been for builders and consumers. For builders, it has provided an accessible and practical national standard to define and measure green homes. It has created a rigorous yet affordable choice for third-party certification. And, because of the standard’s flexibility on the points a builder can select to adapt to local market needs, it has helped builders of all types and sizes provide comprehensively green homes to mainstream buyers across the country. It has also provided consumers a level of confidence that they are getting a healthier, independently verified, and more comfortable home. They can find all NGBS Green Certified homes, apartments, and participating builders and remodelers on

The 100,000th NGBS Green Certified home is part of Proffitt Dixon’s Peyton Stakes apartment community in Nashville, Tenn., and it was recently celebrated during that project’s grand opening.

Earlier this year, Proffitt Dixon was recognized as one of Home Innovation’s 100 NGBS Green Partners of Excellence for the company’s contributions to advancing green building in its communities and its commitment to voluntary, market-­driven, third-party certification of high-performance homes.

NGBS has become the green certification program of choice for the residential construction industry. If you’re not building homes to be NGBS Green Certified, now is a perfect time to start—with the first 100,000 homes already certified, you won’t have the uncertainty of being the “first kid on the block.” Whatever type of home you build and wherever you build it, NGBS has a certification for it. Find out more about how to build your success on ours by visiting