Landsea Homes and SunPower, a solar technology and energy services provider, announced a multiyear agreement in which SunPower will provide solar technology to Landsea homes across the nation.

With this new relationship, all homes built by Landsea Homes in California will include a SunPower Equinox home solar system designed to offset the home's energy consumption. Additionally, home buyers in Arizona, Florida, and Texas will have the option to add this technology to their new homes.

"This is the latest example of how Landsea Homes continues to lead our industry with innovative solutions that directly benefit our home buyers," says Pete Beucke, vice president of innovation and sustainability at Landsea Homes. "The opportunity to create a more sustainable lifestyle and help transition to clean energy is the goal of our high-performance homes, and this agreement with SunPower allows us to achieve that."

Homeowners can also choose to add SunPower's battery storage to provide additional electricity savings as well as resilience during power outages.

"Both builders and home buyers are demanding homes that cost less to operate and create less carbon emissions," says Matt Brost, senior director of new homes sales for SunPower. "Designing homes with solar and storage from the onset allows people who might not have had the opportunity to support clean energy to not only take part in it but also receive direct financial benefits from it. Our innovative partnership with Landsea Homes highlights how home builders can be a powerful tool to enact change."