Landsea Homes has launched its Landsea Elements exclusive financial services, which aims to provide end-to-end support for home buyers. Landsea Elements includes the previously launched Landsea Title and Landsea Mortgage as well as the home builder’s newest offering: Landsea Insurance Agency.

“We wanted to provide a full array of financial services that provide end-to-end support exclusively for our home buyers, and this included Landsea Insurance Agency,” Mike Forsum, president and chief operating officer at Landsea Homes, tells BUILDER. “We know that buying a home is an investment and perhaps the largest purchase many will make in their lifetime. Our home buyers deserve the opportunity to work with our team of experts who will find them the most competitive insurance rates through a seamless and quick process, all while having peace of mind.”

According to the builder, Landsea Insurance Agency will provide homeowners with “fast, easy, and hassle-free” insurance. In collaboration with Westwood Insurance Agency, Landsea will offer a diverse line of products and work closely with each home buyer’s mortgage company to deliver “the best insurance coverage at the most competitive price.”

“Our extensive array of financial services under Landsea Elements was created so that our home buyers experience consistency throughout the home buying process by working with knowledgeable and skilled team members every step of the way,” says Forsum. “With the latest launch of Landsea Insurance Agency, our goal is to help make the process of finding competitive insurance rates as seamless as possible, whether you’re buying your first home or your fifth.”

He says in addition to traditional homeowners’ insurance, Landsea Insurance Agency can also help provide customers with insurance for auto, flood, earthquake, umbrella, and motorcycles along with other recreational vehicles.

“Landsea Insurance is operational in all states where Landsea Homes operates and will be adding in carriers as they get appointed,” Forsum says.

Landsea Mortgage, powered by NFM Lending, launched in 2022 to offer buyers competitive rates, a diverse selection of home loans, and assistance from pre-qualification to closing. Landsea Title launched in 2023 and provides buyers with title protection services in the company’s Arizona, Florida, and Texas markets.

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