Builders spending too much time in the office and not enough at the jobsite might want to rethink how their software is working--or not working for them. New apps designed to simplify pesky paperwork and other office tasks are being hatched every day.

At an educational session last week at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, attendees learned about cloud-based, mobile-ready technology for builders. Soraya Herbert, a digital media enthusiast with Boston-based Dahlia+ Agency offered up these 16 apps that builders should consider:

Zoho offers a suite of cloud-based software that is especially strong in the realm of customer relations management (CRM). Users enter customers’ contact info, communication preferences, interaction history, and past purchases into the system, which, makes it available to the sales team. Zoho also has platforms to help with email, finances, HR, and IT issues.

Project management for teams comes to the cloud with this handy app. Trello divides projects into three lists: to-do, doing, and done. Individual tasks are listed onto “cards” that are moved from one list to the next to track progress.

This very popular app is a great way to exchange and endorse legal documents electronically, DocuSign can be used to get contracts signed and change orders approved by facilitating electronic – and legal e-signatures.

Similar to Docusign, the app can also be used to scan and edit existing paper documents using a phone-based camera.

Perfect for jobsite communication, eFax is a 21st-century solution to faxing without machinery. The platform assigns a dedicated fax number and allows faxes to be received or sent to mobile devices. It also supports electronic signatures and is compatible with Microsoft Office and the Google suite of document handling apps.

Evernote / One Note
The Evernote platform functions as an electronic binder designed for organizing and archiving notes and tasks. It can be used to keep track of voice memos, images, and web pages. One Note performs similar tasks and comes standard on many configurations of Microsoft products.

Designed as a way out of the email swamp, Slack is a team communication tool used for uploading docs, assigning roles, and charting progress on projects. Different channels can be set up to streamline communications between team members.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is similar to Slack, functioning as an enhanced email system without the distractions and comes standard with many Microsoft suites.

This app adds an extra layer of control to emails including building in a time delay for sending an email. Rather than finishing a proposal at midnight and forgetting to send it the next morning, Boomerang allows you to compose the email and then schedule a time for delivery during normal business hours. It also tracks responses and offers reminders about follow-ups.

One Drive / Google Drive / Drop Box / Box
Four cloud-based file management apps are used to upload, download, and share large-sized files. All offer free versions.

Clock Shark
A kind of virtual time clock, this personnel management tool can be used to keep track of crews, trades, and other freelance labor costs.

Felt can send “hand-written” cards from your mobile device. After picking a design, personal messages can be added by finger signing. The card is then produced on paper using handwritten addresses, stamped, and mailed – not emailed. The system adds a personal touch to birthdays, holidays, and thank-you notes to potential customers.

If This, Then That is the full name of this conditional application used to pair up a cause and effect. Some uses for builders include: If a file is started under a potential customer’s name, then a follow-up is contact is scheduled. If a maintenance request is received, then a call-back is scheduled. If you post a picture of a new model home on Instagram, then it’s added to your Twitter feed.

Here’s an international online marketplace for freelance creative talent with prices starting at $5. Finding a writer for website text, a graphic designer for a logo, or a photographer for the new model home can be simplified on this app.

Loomly is a social media calendar tool designed to simplify the creation, approval, and posting of social media on all the major channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

Snapseed is a photo editing tool that offers cropping, lighting adjustments, and filters for digital images.