An organization called Tiny House Build was out Wednesday morning with a press release reporting that the International Code Council (ICC) reported that public comment RB168-16, the tiny house appendix, passed its final round of voting, receiving the required 2/3 majority vote. According to the organization, a tiny-house-specific appendix will be part of the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC), allowing people to receive Certificates of Occupancy for tiny houses when built to meet the provisions of the adopted code appendix.

The code has no legal effect unless it is adopted by local governments.

Backers of the Tiny House appendix celebrate.
Backers of the Tiny House appendix celebrate.

The organization said RB168-16 was backed by Andrew Morrison of TinyHouseBuild and a team of architects, builders, designers, and educators. The team initially defended the proposed appendix at the ICC public comment hearings in October 2016 at which time they received the first 2/3 majority vote necessary to place RB168-16 on the official ballot.

"RB168-16 brings much needed safety standards to tiny house construction," said BA Norrgard, Volunteer Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity and founding member of the Tiny House Collaborative. "This is a huge breakthrough that holds incredible potential for positive change in the housing sector, which is in crisis."

Morrison, a builder for more than 20 years who leads tiny house workshops and has taught over 2,500 students to date, said, "We have a great group of enthusiastic people in the tiny house community and we will work together to continue the positive movement forward for the industry."